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About Us

As one of the largest US nutrition e-commerce platforms, DailyNu, www.dailynu.com carries more than 2,400 kinds of nutritional supplement brands, including a new superstar of modern health care –high-tech Small Molecular Dietary Supplements. Dailynu also carries many famous brands such as Nature Made, Now Foods, Doctor's Best, Optimum Nutrition, and many others. DailyNu.com, is a bilingual website (English & Chinese) and has earned prestige and trust, especially from Asians, through selling its products worldwide.

DW Healthy, Merion, Inc.'s small molecular dietary supplement products, are focused on the balanced absorptions by different tissues in human body and oriented directly at cells. Most of the ingredients are extracted from plants. All products branded Merion, Inc. are manufactured in certified GMP facilities.

For his contribution and for philanthropy services, Mr. Dinghua Wang is regarded as an outstanding delegate of Asians. Because of this, Mr. Dinghua Wang, Founder of DailyNu.com, Chairman of Merion, Inc., and Executive Chairman of Asian Union Election Committee, was invited to meet with US President Barack Obama, US Vice President Joe Biden, and Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Mr. Dinghua Wang has repeatedly took Senators and agricultural experts from California to visit China, as well as invited agricultural officers from various provinces of China to visit California, making a great contribution to the development of agricultural cooperation between California and China.

Mr. Dinghua Wang’s major is in medical science. Since set up in 2007, Merion, Inc. is aiming, “To Bring Health and Benefit the Masses” and orient it towards “Care and Protection of Life”, always devoted to research on developing high-tech bio products.

Since 2008, Mr. Dinghua Wang has taken an active part in disaster relief and charity, donating over 200,000 dollars in his personal name every year, which was highly praised by oversea Chinese groups, including the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles.   

DailyNu.com Exclusive Advantages:

  • Once registered on DailyNu.com, members will be gifted 500 dollars in silver discount points. Once shopping, members will earn additional points called, "gold reward point" that can be used on purchases or cashed out.
  • DailyNu includes more than 2,000 products from over 20 famous brands. Clicking leads you to many popular nutritional products without the need for going out.
  • Formidable Chinese and English online shopping platform. Similar products may be analyzed and compared. Positioning appeals to all your needs.  
  • Up-to-date comprehensive health information. Medical specialists are interviewed regularly, with your health in mind.

We welcome entrepreneurs from all paths of life to join DailyNu.com, to build a wonderful healthy future together!